About Us

Well, we are finally getting started. A collaborative effort between friends. Amazing women who have over 27 years of friendship and 19 children who are being raised, hopefully to become healthy happy adults. We are all trying to navigate being a parent together, sharing our stories, tips and general encouragement, making sure that we are not really loosing our minds, but being a mother, wife, friend, volunteer, businesswoman, daughter, neighbor and sister can really take its toll.

We are convinced that no matter how many parenting articles we read, or tips we learn,sometimes we feel like we are falling short. The bottom line is that we love our kids and are doing our best, and want to make this journey a fun and memorable one. We decided that we all have different strengths and ideas and we wanted a place to share those, therefore the blog is now born.

Each of us will post interesting things that we come across and want to share with each other and anyone else who may find them useful.  We will share everything from beauty tips to getting your bathtub clean. At least I know I am not the only parent who serves breakfast for dinner- hey time is tight!

At times we will have guest writers and we will post their profiles here also. Thanks for reading. 


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